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Release Date: 12/18

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 4 of Productions

This past week has been extremely hectic like the rest, but after it was over, I had a major sigh of relief and actually had time to relax and catch up on some much needed sleep. On monday, I finished shooting the apartment scenes in the Rose. This shoot actually went extremely smooth and we got out of there relatively early. We would've gotten out earlier if the ruger was delivered on time and if Keetin didn't forget her belt. But nonetheless, it went smoothly for the shooting. I looked over and captured the majority of the footage and it looks good. Only one more scene to go on this project and then its a wrap... at least production that is.

Wednesday we got together and started shooting the Watch (name to be changed later). Again, this shoot went extremely smooth. This was probably the most smooth shoot that I've had out of all of the shoots. I really enjoyed doing this project because we were flying through the shots and getting some really really nice jib shots. Also, we got extremely lucky with the weather (a nice cloudy day so we didnt have to deal with sun and continuity) and people in the park. We happen to have a random person walking their dog that we asked to film and people playing frisbee. So, overall the shoot went smooth and lucky. You cant really ask for much more.

On thurs, we met for The Pen. Sarah is doing a great job in producing the project. Everything is getting secured. Morgan is doing great directing so far, with coming up with a shot list. We are going to meet before the shoot to discuss the shots in more detail.

Lastly, I had a 13 hour shoot for a commercial that was extremely grueling but GREAT experience. All of the footage came out really nice and each shot was composed really well with blocking and lighting. So overall, it was a busy week, but in the end very worth it.

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